Schoolhouse Teachers Review: A Platform for Well Organized Online Learning

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Have your kids become bored with their monotonous school routine and homework? Do you want to bring back fun for your children by making studying fun for them? If you’re going to do so, then is the right place for you to go.

This Schoolhouse Teachers review has everything you need to know. You can expect every aspect covered in this review. So let’s head towards the essential features.

What Is

Schoolhouseteachers is an online education platform that has a lot of courses to offer. These courses are perfect for primary and high school students. This brilliant learning platform has affordable yearly packages too for the convenience of users. Every student is allowed to get enrolled in any course they want.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine founded this online institute. The Old SchoolHouse never failed to solve the problems of homeschooling families since then.

It is one of the best resources for every student. They provide a huge range of online study material. This material has all possible elements to ensure meaningful learning.

Developing Interest 

Children in this era do not seem to be impressed by studying. They do not love studying anymore. The most common reason is the old school system that gets children bored. But schoolhouse teachers have something great for everyone. They have introduced a specific curriculum for every student, which has been designed by a qualified team.

The Schoolhouse teachers curriculum will make your mind clear. It will provide uninspiringly exciting lessons for your kids. These stimulating lessons are available for every subject. These are the factors that make schoolhouse teachers one of the best learning platforms. It is suitable for students of all age groups.

Renowned Teachers

The teachers at this platform seem to be highly competent and talented. They are the real asset behind the success of

The authority keeps an eye on testing candidates for teaching positions. It analyzes their skills over testing and hires those who are best at their job because there is no compromise on the quality. 

The most important fact is helping students who expect something new. That is why the best resource persons are hired at

The renowned teachers are available to guide students. A team of experienced and intelligent teachers ensures an excellent learning experience.

Unique Teaching and Learning Approach

teaching approach

This platform focuses on the scope and sequences of teaching methods. The team works hard to make exciting lesson plans for your children. All the students love this curriculum.

Further, the students follow these study plans in a specific sequence. It also increases the scope of learning for your kids. The lessons plans are available for primary and high school students. These resources ensure the effective learning of students.

The homeschool curriculum is very innovative and thoroughly planned. This initiative makes studying enjoyable for primary school students.

A large number of Courses and Lesson Plans

This platform provides homeschool to students of multiple grade levels. It also offers high school students a complete curriculum. Check out this sheet in which they categorize all of their courses by grade levels.

Course Directory

The homeschool families, students, are free to access all resources. also gives you access to free e-books for children. The target students could be of age four years old and onwards. This platform is an excellent hack to pass each school year with distinction.

This advance age really requires a modern solution to studying.

This is why people much prefer e-books. These books contain good scope and sequence for studying. This platform is really suitable for all the students. Your children can make the right use of material provided for their cause. They would love to study in an entirely new way. 

Video Library

As time has fiercely changed, most of the kids nowadays prefer video lessons. It helps them learn new things quickly. Teaching subjects like science, mathematics, and history is not easy. Required fields are marked to be technical ones. This is why this platform has a wide range of study materials.

Schoolhouse teachers have a wide range of audio and video lessons. High school students can get access to the video library easily. The teachers prepare this material for free access.

The video library is the most accessed source. It is because the video content explains stuff better. Video lectures are far better than traditional teaching approach. Thus, the homeschool curriculum contains all types of studying the material.

World Book Encyclopedias

There is another important thing to discuss in this review. also offers the World Book Encyclopedias for free. You can also have access to those World Book Online because they are free to use for homeschooling parents, teachers, children, and kids.

World Book is an excellent resource site for you to use. Especially for children who really love to know about history. You can learn almost everything using this World Book. This book contains a lot of information about general knowledge. You can use World Book to get information about different study materials and topics. Moreover, this World Book is helpful for the whole family. It includes information about all events that happened. It also tells about events happening around the world—this book has considerable scope and sequence.

You can learn more about what Worldbook resources you can access with your schoolhouse teachers subscription here in this video.

Online Homeschool Courses for Parents

Not only students but they have given special consideration to parents homeschooling their children. They have prepared special courses for parents to help them with their homeschool journey. The team has also designed a much-needed system for the parents.

Parents homeschooling resources

These online tutorials have made homeschooling for the parents more exciting. The classes are provided by the teachers regularly.

These lessons and classes are provided for everyone who loves studying online. Different online programs are also offered for high school students. Parents are welcome to enroll in as many courses. It is believed they will love to learn something new.

Special Needs Section

This website takes the needs of students in regard. They try their best to cater to those personal needs.

They have a Special Needs section which provides highly explained information. Many students could have several sensory disorders. So this service is especially for them.

In this case, you can find help by finding information regarding those needs. You can improve the skills of children at home with the material provided.

Classes for Primary and High Graders

Schoolhouseteachers provides courses for everyone. Parents can find any course or lesson they want to study.

There is an excellent variety of academic stuff for students. There are online classes that provide the best insight into each topic.

The detailed analysis of every topic lets students clear their concerns. Thus, these lectures help to know the core of any concept.

Exciting and Informative Course Outlines provides exciting and informative course program outlines. These outlines give a quick overview of what you are going to study. They also include the activities you are going to perform.

It also tells you about the grade level to which that program is offered. That course overview tells you about the curriculum you are going to study. The organized and well-planned lessons are also given to the students.

These lesson plans have the same format no matter which course one is going to study. You can also download the video lessons for each course you would like to opt.

Literacy Center

The literacy center is a resource for developing reading skills. The word READ is used as an acronym. It helps the parents in remembering those four strategies. These strategies can help their children in developing better reading skills.

R in READ stands for read, E in READ stands for everything that requires reading. A stands for Ask Question. At the same time, D stands for Develop comprehension skills. These strategies help in developing necessary reading skills in children.

Highly Affordable

Parents always try to get their kids admitted to a good institute. They expect 100% guaranteed results—top of the line in institutes charge a hefty sum for best education facilities. Parents find this platform highly affordable. They consider it equally beneficial for the understanding of concepts.

Schoolhouseteachers is a perfect option for an affordable cost. They provide the best convenience to their students in terms of fees. Is highly affordable for everyone’s convenience. It provides new and different online courses with various subscription plans.

You can study many courses at the same time. You will also get access to several lessons and programs you want. provides the best learning packages in a very suitable amount.

Annual Yearly Membership

Schoolhouseteachers offers different courses with an annual membership. You can access it for an entire year with a Yearly Membership. It is the most convenient way to access tons of resources with 2 months discount on an annual subscription.  

It offers accounting, computer, drama, history, and mathematics. It also has music, language arts, photography, science, and other subjects. You can access these courses for an entire year.

Alongside these courses, there are many other courses that you can opt for. These courses also have free lesson plans, along with video and audio classes.

All online videos and lesson plans are available within this membership. You can look on to this site to know more about the things they would like to know. Hence, the students can study at home for a whole year because there is enough study material available for them. 


Who would work best for? works for students and teachers who are interested in homeschooling. They primarily for those who want to study or work from home. It is best for homeschooling families. Such a family wishes to make studies easier for their children. That is why it helps every family with good study material.

There are video and audio lessons for different students. These are equally helpful for parents who want to learn new things. They have plenty of resources to take help from.

Is schoolhouseteachers accredited?

No, the schoolhouseteachers is not accredited. The schools could be accredited because they have specific boundaries in their courses. We allow students to choose whatever they want to study on our website.

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