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Alpha Omega Monarch Homeschool Curriculum Review

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Homeschooling can be a real challenge, with the numerous computer-based learning curriculum to choose from. That is why it would be a good idea to read reviews for thorough research. When exploring Alpha Omega homeschool reviews, Alpha Omega proves to be a great choice. This curriculum is used by parents to teach children from the comfort of their homes. Parents claim to have seen great results within the first year of learning.

Alpha Omega Homeschool provides a wide variety of academic materials for all ages. These can be accessed through the internet and in print format, making them easy to use. For a Christian based curriculum, Alpha Omega Publications offers the best resources. It has superior classes, books, and additional study materials. This way you can make sure that your child is not just learning math and science during the school year. They are instead receiving an online homeschool with the Christian perspective.

different modes of alpha omega curriculum

LIFEPAC: This program is designed to provide complete guidance to students of all ages. This trains the child to self-study at their own pace while utilizing the materials provided. This is one impressive homeschool curriculum for grades 3 and below as it contains tons of activity workbooks.

Horizons: The Horizons homeschool curriculum has a colorful and appealing format. It draws the attention of students towards language arts and math. It is designed for children who find it difficult to focus while studying. It has more teacher involvement to keep the student attentive. The teachers can be contacted to guide lessons.

Weaver: It utilizes a Christian-based program with daily Bible themes. These themes are the foundation of its class content. It is a more family-centered curriculum, ideal for homes that encourage greater involvement in Bible study.

Monarch: The best part about Monarch is that it is very easily accessible. It can be viewed online from any computer as the program keeps a record of student progress. It is compatible with almost all web browsers in Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The automated grading ensures that students are receiving accurate results and meeting due dates. Simultaneously parents can also review their child’s academic standing. One of the cons of this curriculum is that it is only available on the internet.

Switched on Schoolhouse: This internet-based homeschool curriculum is suitable for grades 3-12. It has complete guidelines and tutorials to assist students in their work. This program does not require constant internet connectivity. Thus, it is the right choice for those with unreliable internet during homeschooling.

Pros of Choosing Alpha Omega Curriculum

pros of alpha omega homeschool

For all Grades

Alpha Omega Academy offers quality materials for all ages up to high school. The Alpha Omega publications provide workbooks and curriculum packets. These are convenient for younger children(below 10 year old) who like to have copies in hand. For older children(grades 3-12), there is an online management system. This includes the Monarch curriculum and Switched to schoolhouse.

Affordable pricing

In comparison to other online learning programs, Alpha Omega has greater affordability. Classes 1-5 has a monthly cost of $199. Classes 6-8 cost $249 a month, and classes 9-12 cost $299 a month. These can vary based on the number of credits taken each year. The prices differ with the program you choose. Hence, it is good to review the choices and add up the costs.

  • LIFEPAC-up to $460
  • Horizons-up to $340
  • Weaver-up to $265
  • Monarch-$39.95 monthly for individual plan and $69.95 monthly for family plans(up to 3 students)
  • Switched on Schoolhouse-up to $459 along with customization

Live Support

Other than the online curriculum, Alphas Omega Academy also has a complete staff of educators. They remain in contact with students and aid the learning process. Having a live conversation can better address student queries. In this way, the academy is able to make up for the cons of at-home learning. This is especially needed when children are homeschooled rather than enrolled in full-time public school. The teachers review and check the work being done by students.

Certainly, you’d like to thoroughly review this live support service. You can find a list of all the teachers at the Alpha Omega Academy on their website. This contains all information regarding the qualification, experience, and all relevant background information. This way you can be certain that it is the best Christian program available.

Games & Activities

It is difficult to devise lesson plans to engage children in learning. Alpha Omega Academy has successfully incorporated various games and activities in its program. This makes it easier for parents as they can customize the lesson plan. You can include more of the activity materials with the customization option.

Christian homeschool curriculum

The best part about Alpha Omega publications is that it is a reliable Christian school. It is perfect for families who want to ensure that their children are receiving a Bible-based education. The customized learning plans are based on the individual’s goals and academic standing.

Alpha Omega has made homeschooling easier than ever with its up-to-date learning program. Families may want resources for their children to learn about Bible history and application alongside the other public school subjects. They can conveniently opt for this thorough online Christian curriculum.


Q. Is Alpha Omega Homeschool accredited?

No, a curriculum cannot be accredited, but an institution can. The high school diploma and transcripts of the Alpha Omega Academy are fully accredited. It would thus be easier for Alpha Omega students to transfer credits when entering college.

Q. What is the Alpha Omega curriculum?

It is a thorough online program for students to work independently. Parents can also be certain that their children are receiving quality homeschooling. Such pros and benefits distinguish their program among other home school reviews.

Q. Is Horizons homeschool accredited?

The curriculums are designed for each grade level but are not accredited. Horizons is one of the many homeschooling programs at the Alpha Omega Academy. This is commonly used for students inclined towards math and language arts.

Q. Is monarch homeschool accredited?

Like the other programs available online, Monarch cannot be accredited. The Alpha Omega Academy however is fully accredited. The Monarch is an online homeschool curriculum for grades K-12. Parents can regularly check and review their child’s advancements. Additionally, it allows full-time juniors and seniors(12th grade) to earn college credits simultaneously.

Q. Is switched on schoolhouse accredited?

No, Switched on schoolhouse is a curriculum and not an institution so it cannot be accredited. However, the AOA provides students of all grade levels an accredited diploma with multiple fields and careers to choose from. It is available online and can also be used at any time without internet connectivity.

We will be adding unbiased Alpha Omega homeschool reviews of parents and educators down below. Bookmark this page and check page after some time. If you are among someone who has already tried out their curriculum. Feel free to leave a comment below and help us help other parents.

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