About Us

Education resource for both parents, educators and students looking for help in any phase of their education.

What We're All About

Since you are here, we would like to welcome you to our small digital space. This digital hub, our virtual place was born when we (a newlywed couple; founders and editors of Educavor) was having a discussion about our children education. It was a formal conversation about how we plan to have our babies, our thoughts and the conversation goes on to discuss their education. As soon as we jumped on to the topic of children education. We both heard about different methods of schooling i.e homeschooling, remote schooling etc, There is a mainstream schooling then there is also alternative schooling and we know a very little about these other topics.

We were having these discussions when there’s a was the first wave of COVID-19 and almost all mainstream schooling around the world has been shifted to remote or virtual learning.

We realized, in order for us to give our children the best education, we need to first educate ourselves about all the schooling methodologies, curriculums, tools we might need, what schooling is best in what scenarios and all that knowledge a new parent must know.

We thought, why not we document everything we learn, share with other soon to be parents and learn from each other.

That is how Educavor came into existence.

We are planning to make this site an education resource for both parents, educators and students looking for help in any phase of their education.

We will start off with topics important for parents. We will organize and categorize each topic in a structured way so it’s easy for you to find information about what you are looking for.

We promise that we will only give our honest feedback on product reviews and only recommend things that we recommend for our own children. Although, not all children are the same, some are different so as their learning styles and they might need different resources to support their learning. We will try to cover resources for all types of children and resources to support their learning.

We will ensure our website only includes quality content, peer-reviewed by other educators and make sure content presented is reliable, up-to-date and highly relevant.

We will also invite qualified educators and Edu leaders time to time on our website to discuss the most crucial topic of that time. We will keep you engaged on this via email so the topics leaders discussed are beneficial for most of the parents out there searching for answers to their queries.

If you are the leader or educator in this space and have some ideas to share with our audience. Feel free to reach out.